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These local companies offer the best quality of services » Leaders

These local companies offer the best quality of services » Leaders

The prestigious award was presented by Top Service Austria at “Fête d’excellence 2022”.

As part of “Fête d’excellence 2022” many companies from all sectors have been awarded the “Top Service Austria 2022” quality seal for special customer service and the best possible customer experience. At this important event, more than 200 invited guests cheered for whoever could take the adorable home stamp with them, but also kept their fingers crossed over the live broadcast.

Coveted seal of approval

Top Service Austria has been the seal of quality for excellent service and has consistently practiced customer guidance in Austria for over eight years. This is not a “beauty contest”, but a scientific survey of clients and management, which, on the one hand, provides the participating companies with important insights into their own and external image, but on the other hand, it also serves as a basis for scoring comparable results. Companies above the required minimum value may use the TSÖ stamp for one year.

But it is not only the seal of quality, bestowed by customer focus and emotional banking for corporate culture experts, that is what Austrian companies aspire to, but also the associated standards, useful reports including key figures in customer experience, learning from the best and the constant. Development for a customer focused company. And again this year, participating companies benefited from the comparative values ​​of over 8,000 customer reviews.

Welcoming speeches were delivered by Martin Kocher, Federal Minister for Digitalization and Business Location, who was very pleased with the many award-winning companies and warmly thanked them for their commitment to the customer experience field. He also emphasized that customer service is not only important for companies, but also for the Austrian authorities. They have set themselves the goal of using digitization to reduce bureaucracy in official channels and thus continuously improve services to citizens.

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Eulogies for the top 3 B2C and B2B companies were delivered by Ferdinand Kaiser, NAVAX, Nina Kaiser, ProSiebenSat.1Puls4, Natascha Kanauter-Gansch, A1, Michael Köttritsch and the pressPaul Leitenmüller, Opinion Leaders Network, Gerhard Raffling, Medallia, Elke Schaffer, A1 and Ralf Schweighöfer, DHL Express Austria.

  • Top 5 Business-to-Consumer Companies

1st place: EVN (a company with more than 500 employees) ex aequo with
Biogena (companies with up to 500 employees)
Second place: Deutsche Vermögensberatung Bank AG Vienna
Third place: s ServiceCenter – a subsidiary of Erste Bank and Sparkassengruppe
Fourth place: BNP Paribas Bank Cardiff
Fifth place: Samsung Electronics Austria GmbH

  • Top 5 companies in the business

First place: Efaflex Torsysteme GmbH
Second place: NTS Network Telekom Service AG
Third place: Raiffeisen-Leasing ex aequo with
Team Go Direct ASFINAG Mautservice GmbH
Fourth place: IK Hofmann GmbH
Fifth place: Canon Austria GmbH

  • Excellence Group (in alphabetical order)

Full Service Bank Card AG, CPB Software AG, CRIF GmbH, DHL Express Austria, Hartl Haus, Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH, kulinario®, Pavelka-Denk Personalberatung, Samsung Electronics Switzerland GmbH, Wifi Carinthia, Chamber of Commerce Carinthia, Vienna Chamber of Commerce
You can find all award-winning companies on the website: www.tsö.at.

  • Presentation of the “Digital Award”

During this year’s awards ceremony, the “Digital Award Powered by A1” was presented for the first time to the company that has been able to score points through excellent digital customer service, thus providing customers with the best digital support. “The future belongs in the digital world – but people should not be neglected. We at A1 want to be leaders and use examples of best practices to motivate other companies to combine digital innovations with one-to-one personal service and thus create unique experiences for customers. With the “Digital Award” we honor those companies which has already created a digital service environment corresponding to its customers, thus offering excellent, state-of-the-art service.” , says Natasha Kantor Jansch, CCO A1. The winner of the 2022 Digital Awards is Austrian family company Biogena.

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The movie “Good Enough” is dead.

“We must realize that the past two years have left a clear mark on customers. What was good in 2019 is no longer enough today. Friendliness in service does not win you a flower pot. This is the minimum requirement. Customers today expect guidance and with it inspiration, forward thinking and approach singles toward you as a person. Your customer strategy should be consistently directed at this,” asks Dr. Christian Rauscher, Managing Director of Sentimental Banking and Top Service Austria, in his plea. While the majority of companies offer good service and competent staff, exclusivity only works to a limited extent. Younger, digitally accommodating customers are especially demanding. They don’t want the company to go to great lengths to get something done, they would rather be able to do everything themselves. The result shows that customers who experience a company’s performance as “good” are not necessarily inclined to recommend the company to others. On the contrary, 64 percent of them are critical, that is, critics and imply negative speech.

Turn negative people into promoters

In order to make recommendations, customers not only need to feel good service, but also want to be addressed in person and want to be inspired. For example, the NPS for customers who largely agree with the statement “the company inspires me with meaningful suggestions for other products and/or services” is +76. For those who do not agree with this statement, however, at -51.

Focusing on passive elements helps drive NPS. 21 “of those surveyed are negative. The fifth needs persuasion to become promoters. The following points can be clearly derived from the data analysis in order to achieve this objective:

  • Make it easy for customers to solve their concerns
  • Treat customers fairly
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Learn from the best

Comparing the top 7 companies from 2022 (“The Magnificent 7”) with those of the “Bottom 7” companies, “Magnificent 7” customers feel 46 percentage points more inspired. The difference in terms of caring about them as a person and the fact that customers in large companies have a feeling that products are designed individually for them is 35 percentage points. It follows that customer orientation is an important component. Customers reward it when companies think ahead and actively offer different and new products or services. The companies that have succeeded in doing so, Glorious 7, report higher sales growth and also a higher recommendation rate.

This results in new starting points for building bridges for clients. The transformation should be geared toward a new customer experience or customer journey. Also important is a new service culture that goes beyond competent and friendly employees. Customers as individuals should be placed more at the center of the strategy. (red)

LEADERSNET was present at the award ceremony. You can find impressions over here And the over here.