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More than 1800 prisoners escape from prison in Nigeria – NRK Urix – Foreign News and Documentaries

The gunmen arrived at the jail by bus and pickup. They used explosives to get to the jail. The men opened fire on the prison guards

“I can confirm that the Emo state command for the Nigerian prison service was attacked by unknown gunmen in Ovary,” spokesman James Madukpa told AFP.

– The situation is under control, he insists.

“I can confirm that the Emo state command for Nigerian correctional services was attacked by unknown gunmen in Ovary,” spokesman James Madukpa said.

Photo: David Tosunmu / A.P.

The biggest in history

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack on Overrey Prison. Prison escape is the largest in the history of West Africa. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa. Prisons in the country are overflowing. Seventy percent of detainees have been locked up for years while awaiting trial.

Piafras tribal people

Police believe the separatist group Biafra’s Indigenous People (Biafra’s Indigenous People) is behind this.

Piafra’s Indigenous Peoples (IPOP) have recently posted photos on social media showing people leaving with military training.

The IPOP is an illegal group, which the Nigerian government considers terrorists. The group consists of an ethnic group called Ipore. Emo Prison is located in the region where the group is fighting for an independent state.

IPOP spokesman Emmanuel Powerful denied any involvement in the attack and told AFP. In the statement, he says the allegations are false.

Bloody Civil War

Conflicts have been raging in the southern state of Emo since Nigeria gained independence from Britain in 1967. This led to a bloody civil war that lasted 30 months.

The area is inhabited by many ethnic groups, but the population is in the majority. Since Nigeria declared independence, there has been conflict between the country’s authorities and Ipoh separatists.

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