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There is a plan: when Danish Prime Minister Med Frederickson presented the plan to reopen on March 22nd. Photo: Ritza Sconbix / Reuters

On Wednesday, Erna Solberg will present plans for the reopening of Norway. Denmark and the United Kingdom have already begun. It is done there.


In Norway In February, health officials outlined a four-phase plan Reopen. The project, in consultation with the Norwegian Directorate of Health, the National Institutes of Public Health and a panel of experts, Presented by the Government on Wednesday, April 7th.

Director of Health Bjorn Goldwalk said he was optimistic To reopen in May, And Norway will be fully open by the end of 2021.

On Tuesday, Denmark began reopening its first phase. According to D.R. What this means is that hairdressers and tattoo artists can get clients back, and older students are returning to schools.

Some actions may still require a corona pass – proof that you have been infected for the past 2-12 weeks, have been vaccinated, or have had a negative coronary test over the past 72 hours.

In Denmark, hairdresser, tan salons, massage, solarium and driving schools were recently closed, but are open today, Tuesday (the exception is five municipalities, where they are postponed again until April 11 due to high infection rates).

In addition, older students in elementary and middle school and two younger students in high school return to school half the time. This will increase from one day a week at school (outside). Here Ten municipalities with high epidemic pressure have been excluded Since reopening.

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Reopening means that students with multiple practical subjects can return to school 50 percent of the time. Other graduate students are allowed to repay 20 percent of the time – after a period of distance education only.

Joy: When British Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited an elementary school on the occasion of the reopening of schools in March. Photo: Christopher Furlong / REUTERS

Next Tuesday, Denmark will further expand its opening: then shopping centers and large stores of less than 15,000 square meters will open. But the cinemas, restaurants and cafes in these places should not be closed yet.

According to the plan, the largest shopping centers and department stores will open on April 21. It then opens to the outdoor seating, museums and library.

On May 6, Denmark dares to open indoor dining in restaurants, cafes, theaters and theaters. If a Corona passport can be issued, adults over the age of 18 will be able to play indoors.

Opening: Prime Minister Matteo Frederickson will address a rally in Marionburg on March 9. Photo: Mats Glass Rasmussen / Ritzow Sconbix

England is ready for the second phase

The United Kingdom has also announced plans to reopen. They are already in the first phase of reopening, where up to six people or two can meet outside.

This coming Monday – April 12, the second phase begins. According to BBC This means you can open outdoor food in pubs and non-essential stores. But this Individual projects for the UK, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

In progress: The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson addressed the St. Mary’s C.E. Attended elementary school. Photo: Christopher Furlong / REUTERS

According to the plan, it will be legal in the UK from April 12:

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* All stores may be open

* Hairdresser, skin care and other close contact services may be open

* Restaurants and pubs can serve food and alcohol outside

* Gyms, spas, zoos, theme parks and libraries may open

* Only household members can go on vacation in the UK if they live in their own section

* Up to 15 people can gather to celebrate a wedding

* Up to 30 people can attend the funeral – in 15 vigils

* Children before participating in indoor activities

* Residents of nursing homes may have two visitors (one from each other)

This will be allowed in the third phase (early May 17):

* Up to 30 people will gather outside

* Six people, or two houses, can meet indoors

* Pubs and restaurants can open indoor seats

* Museums, theaters and theaters may open

* Opens to international leisure trips

* Indoor game for adults begins

* Allows for large events, but there are restrictions on the number of spectators

If the UK reaches the fourth phase (early June 21), it will open:

* All restrictions on social interaction will be removed

* Nightclubs are open

* There is no limit to the number of people who can attend weddings, funerals or baptisms

Four conditions must be met to reopen in the UK to proceed: that vaccine goes according to plan, reduces the number of people who need to be vaccinated or hospitalized, the infection rate does not increase the risk of hospitalization and does not change based on the risk of re-opening of new viral variants.

The wider game is already open

In the UK, schools for outdoor sports and after-school activities have been open since March 8. On March 29, outdoor sports centers for children and adults and organized basement games reopened.

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In Denmark, they opened on March 22 for outdoor games organized for up to 50 people. There were up to 25 permitted activities.