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More than 30 years later: Microsoft removes this handy Windows tool

More than 30 years later: Microsoft removes this handy Windows tool

Microsoft wants to keep improving Windows. The old tool now has to say goodbye to the operating system. Here you can read what users can expect from Windows 11.

Many Windows users have known the tool for years: Command Prompt. The tool, which can be called under the name “cmd.exe”, has been in operation for more than 30 years. Users can use it to execute command line commands, change various settings, call functions, or even view hidden system files. But now the command prompt time is coming to an end.

Wie “XDA Developers” mentionedMicrosoft wants to pull the tool. The team is already working on a new version that will be implemented in Windows 11. Users are now presented with the Terminal Application. This isn’t entirely new either. It has been around since 2019 and has now been published in a stable release for the new operating system.

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Windows 11: What can the new tool do?

Windows 11 brings some changes with it.
Windows 11 brings some changes with it.

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Unlike the previous Command Prompt, the Terminal app also offers some advantages. For example, several command lines can be executed in one window. Alternatively, several tabs can be opened in which individual tasks are passed to the system. Users can also activate the tile view to see all commands and command lines side by side on one screen.

Multiple user profiles can also be created using the terminal application. It can be provided with various modifications – eg your background image. When the application is launched, a predefined standard profile is always loaded. In the future, Microsoft wants to develop the app further to make it easier to access. From 2022 onwards, the application will be set as standard in Windows 11, replacing “cmd.exe”.

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