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More than 46 immigrants found dead in Texas truck

More than 46 immigrants found dead in Texas truck

Hood said there was no water in the trailer. It was already a refrigerated truck. However, there was no operating cooling system.

Authorities announced three arrests. The truck was found near Interstate 35, which leads to the border with Mexico. Migrants hidden in trucks are frequently smuggled into the United States from Mexico. It is about 250 kilometers from San Antonio to the border with the neighboring country. In 2017, ten migrants were discovered killed in a city trailer, and dozens were taken to hospital.

Mexico’s Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard On Monday, she spoke of a “tragedy” related to the killing of 46. It was announced that the Mexican consul would go to the scene even if the nationality of the victims was not yet known.

“Biden is to blame”

conservative bow Texas Governor Greg Abbott Meanwhile, he blamed President Joe Biden’s immigration policies for the deaths of 46 immigrants. “These deaths are Biden’s fault,” Abbott said on Twitter. Abbott said it was “a result of his lethal policy of borders.” It will have “fatal consequences” if the law is not enforced.

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