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Warsaw Mayor Klitschko also called the wrong

Similar to Vienna Mayor Michael Ludwig (SPÖ) and other European counterparts, the Mayor of Warsaw also made a video call to the alleged Vitali Klitschko which was later revealed to be a fake.

Polish media reported today that Rafal Trzaskovsky’s conversation with the alleged mayor of Kyiv took place at the beginning of June. After several fake phone calls with the fake Klitschko were made public in the past few days, Trzaskowski confirmed his conversation to Radio Zet.

series of duped

Suspicious of the course of the conversation, Trzaskowski’s employees immediately contacted the real Klitschko office in Kyiv, according to the PAP news agency. From there it was confirmed that the mayor of Kyiv had not had a video call at the time. So the Warsaw City Council turned on the police.

mastermind unknown

Also in Austria or Germany, where the ruling Mayor of Berlin Franziska Jaffee was a victim of fake Klitschko, investigations are taking place. The leaders of Madrid and Budapest were also deceived. The scam is believed to involve deep fraud, in particular carefully manipulated video circuits. Realistic media content is created with the help of artificial intelligence. It is unclear exactly how this happened in the case of Klitschko and who is behind it.

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