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MORE TRAINING – Huge crowds at a series of workshops with outstanding trainers at Broker Animal Shelter

MORE TRAINING – Huge crowds at a series of workshops with outstanding trainers at Broker Animal Shelter

In the first workshop, on Saturday, held by dog ​​trainer Yesim Belz under the title “What My Dog Whispers,” 14 people registered, and 24 actually attended. “The workshops go very well and are all fully booked,” says Anna Zoetler, president of the animal shelter. Things have been going on with Chirag Patel since Monday. He is one of the world’s most famous animal trainers and is currently a guest at the Broker Animal Shelter for two weeks. The British company is called “Domesticated Manners” and is based in London. Patel gained notoriety, among other things, by being invited to appear on several BBC programs as an animal expert. His YouTube channel has more than one million viewers. As an animal behavior and animal training consultant, he works primarily on behavior analysis to improve the lives of animals in human care. The goal is to ensure that daily life and veterinary examinations are as stress-free as possible for the animals.

After the theoretical modules on Monday and Tuesday on behavior analysis for difficult behaviour, we started practical training from Wednesday. Topics such as “KISS – Keep It Short and Simple” and “Traumatic Communications: Behavior and Training of Animal Welfare Animals” are covered.

The last theoretical session will be held on December 2 from 6pm to 9pm. This is about ‘Top Tips for Good Communication with Your Dog: Bringing Out the Best in Your Dog’. At this event, 100 percent of all proceeds will benefit the Brooker Animal Shelter. Registration for this is possible at [email protected]. The workshop series was organized by animal shelter director Sabine Taverner from Anima Canis.

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“The problem is not 100% resolved yet, but there will likely be another series of workshops with Chirag Patel next year. “The inquiries about this are definitely overwhelming,” says Zweitler.

Chirag Patel with one of the shelter’s students.

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