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Israel summons the ambassadors of Belgium and Spain

Israel summons the ambassadors of Belgium and Spain

Israel summoned the ambassadors of Belgium and Spain after the leaders of both countries strongly criticized Israel for its response to a Hamas attack in the Gaza Strip. Yesterday, the office of Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen said that he “ordered the summoning of the ambassadors of these countries to discuss a strongly worded rebuke.”

Cohen accused Alexander De Croo and Pedro Sanchez of supporting “terrorism” with their statements. In a separate statement, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “strongly” condemned the statements by De Croo and Sanchez.

He accused them of “failing to hold Hamas fully responsible for the crimes against humanity it committed by slaughtering our citizens and using Palestinians as human shields.”

Joint PK from Sanchez and De Croo

In a joint press conference with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in Cairo yesterday, Sanchez called on Israel to “follow a comprehensive approach that includes the West Bank and East Jerusalem” and “recognition of the State of Palestine by the international community and Israel.” Israel.” Wanted. He also condemned the “killing of innocent civilians” in the Gaza Strip.

In the joint press conference, Belgian Prime Minister De Croo called on Israel to respect “international humanitarian law” when attacking targets in the Gaza Strip.

Sisi for a new approach

Al-Sisi said that the peace process in the Middle East over the past thirty years has not yielded the desired results. It is therefore necessary to choose a different approach. This must include “the international community’s recognition of the Palestinian state and its acceptance at the United Nations.”

In a statement, Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albarez described the “Israeli government’s accusations” against the Spanish and Belgian leaders as “false, irrelevant and unacceptable.”

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