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More variety and quality of coffee is needed in offices » Leadersnet

More variety and quality of coffee is needed in offices » Leadersnet

| Editorial Board

| November 1, 2023

The study shows that despite overall satisfaction with what the business offers, there is great potential for greater diversity in offerings and tastes.

The coffee machine is the first place in the office where people gather in the morning, even before starting the daily work. Accordingly, the variety and quality of coffee served is also important. Office Roxx, one of Germany’s leading office blogs, conducted a survey between August 28 and September 10, 2023, taking into account the opinions of more than 1,200 office workers from all over Germany, revealing insights into how satisfied office workers are with their coffee offer. At work.

Quality is crucial

Prestigious office projects of large companies often rely on coffee islands and highly designed lounges that encourage people to linger and chat. In small offices, such café-like areas are difficult to implement. In these cases, the taste and quality of the coffee are more important.

“In the times of home offices and new work, the importance of high-quality coffee in the office is becoming increasingly important,” says Stephen Fuhrmann, Commercial Director of Nespresso Professional Germany. “The Office Roxx reader survey shows that premium coffee is not only the best but also the quality of the coffee… “It’s desirable, but it’s also necessary for job satisfaction. “We want to support companies with first-class coffee experiences and expand diverse coffee offerings in the workplace.”

Most important results

About 77% of survey participants drink at least three to four cups of coffee at work every day. About three-quarters of participants said that the quality of coffee had a positive impact on their job satisfaction. 93 percent of those surveyed say that the quality of the coffees on offer is very important or important to them. However, reality in offices does not always match expectations, with only 65% ​​rating the quality of coffee served at their company as good or very good. For 28.3%, the quality of coffee served at their company is only average. Seven percent even found the quality of coffee on offer to be poor or very poor. Participants do not drink coffee or never drink it.

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What is acceptable to you can be uncomfortable when handed to guests or customers. You don’t want to end up with a lack of quality here. Therefore, 11.8% do not offer coffee to their guests or offer it reluctantly. And 14.3% don’t always have a good feeling about it.

The topic of sustainability in relation to coffee also plays an increasingly important role. More than 71% of respondents prefer sustainably grown and fairly traded coffee in the business. High quality coffee, variety and sustainability appear to be the key elements to ensuring a premium coffee supply in the office and thus contributing to a positive working atmosphere.