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Mountaineers in Vermont? Why Claudia Tanner is traveling to the United States

Austrian militants are cooperating with the National Guard – the only country not previously part of the Warsaw Pact. The Secretary of Defense in the U.S. state of Vermont signed the document Wednesday.

It was so amazing Mike Pompeo Announced in August 2020 in Vienna. The then US Secretary of State said that Austria would be included in the so-called “State Partnership Program” of the United States: not only for the military, but also for defense experts across Europe. This may happen next week.

In Washington, DC, people were a little annoyed by the announcement in 2020 because Pompeo was not responsible for the content of the announcement. In Vienna, people were amazed at how quickly this decision was made – the initial discussions had already taken place. Elsewhere, the Premier caused a stir: because Austria was the first country to enter into this cooperation with the United States, which was not previously part of the Warsaw Pact (the military alliance of the Eastern European states with the Soviet Union). For a long time, one of the objectives of this plan was to militarily transform the former Eastern Bloc countries into Western standards and bring them closer to NATO.

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