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US: Biden spokesman Jen Zaki resigns, Kareen Jean-Pierre takes charge – Politics

US: Biden spokesman Jen Zaki resigns, Kareen Jean-Pierre takes charge – Politics

U.S. President Joe Biden’s spokeswoman Jen Psaki is leaving the White House in the middle of this month. As announced by the White House on Thursday, his former deputy Karen Jean-Pierre will be the heir apparent.

No wonder Psaki is stepping down: according to media reports, the 43-year-old plans to switch to the left-wing liberal television station MSNBC. Psaki wants to slow down a show on the streaming offer there, There was the news site Axes Reported. The change is said to have been negotiated with CNN. It is not uncommon for government spokespersons to become political commentators for private broadcasters. Former Trump spokeswoman Kaylee McNani, for example, now serves as one Commentator on the Conservative Fox News Channel. Simon Sanders was the spokeswoman for Vice President Kamala Harris until the end of 2021. The page has also changed recently – and now comments on political events for MSNCB, Psaki coming soon.

Psaki did not confirm the statements, but denied them. “Like I said, I have nothing to announce about my plans other than sleeping and reading books,” Zackie reiterated. As president’s spokesman, Biden has answered extensive questions from almost everyday newspapers in the White House since taking office in January last year. That is why he is one of the key faces of the US government. “Jen Saki has set the standard for the return of dignity, respect and integrity to the White House briefing room,” President Biden said in a statement. Saki’s last working day is May 13.

Over the past few weeks, speculation has resurfaced as to who could succeed Psaki as spokesman. In addition to Jean-Pierre, the name of Pentagon spokesman John Kirby was also spread. He took Jean-Pierre to the stage and greeted her at a daily White House press conference on Thursday. “He brings decades of experience to this work,” Saki said. Jean-Pierre will give voice to many and show you what is possible when you have big dreams. The two hugged.

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Psaki’s former deputy, Jean-Pierre, served on the administration of former President Barack Obama. The 44-year-old was born in Martinique, a French foreign country, and grew up in New York. There he studied at Elite Columbia University. He always stands up for Saki at press conferences and regularly accompanies them on Pitton’s trips. Her appointment is the first of its kind in the United States: Jean-Pierre will not only be the first black woman to serve as a government spokeswoman, but also the first obvious lesbian woman. “It was a historic moment and I never missed it,” Jean-Pierre said. Catanji Brown Jackson was the first black woman to be elected to the U.S. Supreme Court in early April.