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Mountaineers included: 50 km south of Tarvisio, the forest is on fire

Mountaineers included: 50 km south of Tarvisio, the forest is on fire

distance Fires in Bibione and the Karst region It also started burning in Reciatal on Wednesday. On a Thursday afternoon, you can clearly see the smoke coming from the main road that runs through the Canal Valley between Tarvisio and Tolmezzo. About 1,000 people are trapped in the Resya Valley, which is usually reached in the direction of Slovenia at the level of the village of Reciota, about 50 kilometers from Tarvisio.

Canal forest fire video

“It’s burning between us and the main road,” a part-time farmer told the Kleine Zeitung newspaper. The 50-year-old can’t drive now to work at a nearby highway service station. There is a second road on the other side, towards Slovenia, where you have the option to turn so you exit at Tarcento, northeast of Udine, but this road is partly unpaved. In addition, it is very narrow, about one lane, tortuous and steep and is currently paved with fallen stones.

The flames keep on traveling

The report from the state-run Regional Radio 1 reported Thursday night that the flames were moving in the direction of Pontibana Federal Highway 13.

On Thursday, a helicopter was bringing quenched water every two minutes from the river that runs through the Ricia Valley. It can transport about 1000 liters per trip. The residents of the isolated Ricia Valley are supplied with food by helicopter. There are also small grocery stores.

In order for the people of the Ricia Valley to lead their normal lives again as quickly as possible, an alternative road is being built as a non-asphalt emergency connection.

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Grado and Lignano Sabbiadoro were unaffected

On the other hand, there is good news from holiday hotspots in Grado and Lignano Sabbiadoro: “The fires are somewhat limited to the karst region and the Alpine foothills and do not affect the coast of Friuli Venezia Giulia, where the bathing facilities are located. They are all open. For the arriving tourists To the beaches, the services there are guaranteed and safe.” But due to weather conditions, there was “partial cloud cover due to smoke”.