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Mozilla Firefox 104 released

Mozilla released Firefox 104 for Windows, Apple macOS, and Linux. This article summarizes the most important innovations – as always on this blog, in much more detail than other sites.

Download Mozilla Firefox for Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS and Linux

performance development

To improve performance and power consumption, Firefox interface performance is now throttled when Firefox is minimized or hidden, the same way it has been with background tabs for some time.

The performance profile can now also analyze the power consumption of a website. The prerequisite for this is a Mac computer with an Apple Silicon processor or a computer with Windows 11 as an operating system.

More security for Firefox users

Also in Firefox 104 it was again Many security vulnerabilities Closed. For security reasons only, Firefox 104 update is highly recommended for all users.

Web platform improvements

CSS scroll capture support has been expanded to include support for Scrolling stop snap And the re-bite expanded.

On the JavaScript side, it is worth noting the support Array.prototype.findLast()And the Array.prototype.findLastIndex()And the TypedArray.prototype.findLast() Such as TypedArray.prototype.findLastIndex().

Cookies from the same domain are no longer treated as cookies from the same domain if they differ in the protocol used (http:// vs https://).

As always, more innovations for web developers can be found at MDN Web Docs read.

Other new features in Firefox 104

The subtitle feature for picture-in-picture videos has been expanded to include more and more video and streaming platforms with the latest updates. Disney+ and Washington Post support will follow with Firefox 104.

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If Firefox is configured for a file type to always ask before downloading and the user confirms a file download via this dialog, the download panel will not open automatically.

If a website is called via http:// instead of https://, Firefox displays a warning under the password fields that the password is being sent unencrypted and is therefore unsafe. This warning could have been previously disabled by using the security.insecure_field_warning.contextual.enabled key in about:config. Starting with Firefox 104, this warning can no longer be turned off.

The More Tools > Task Manager menu item now says about:processes instead of about:performance.

The Developer Console now supports previewing URLSearchParams objects.