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Windows 11: Moments 3 detected, confirming additional feature update

Windows 11: Moments 3 detected, confirming additional feature update

There are new indications that Microsoft is already preparing another update called Moments. This is according to information leaked from pre-release versions of windows 11 Outside.

According to a report Online magazine Neowin The “Moment 3” update is reflected in the newly released Windows 11 Insider Build build number 22623.885. This preview appeared on the beta channel and initially didn’t bring anything “exciting”.

But a Windows enthusiast with PhantomOcean3 for the Twitter handle thinks he’s found a reliable reference for the Moments 3 mini feature update. In search of innovations and novelties hidden in the pipeline, PhantomOcean3 revealed the designation “MTestUx14” with an identification number of 41655236. According to the link, it will be the third moment. The ID should be similar to what Microsoft used for Moment 1 and Moment 2. Moment Two was also called “MTestUx13” internally. If the Windows team stays true to the naming convention, we now have our first real tip for a third feature update for Windows 11.

Windows 11 feature update

  • Moment 1 – ID 39145991
  • Moment 2 – ID 39281392 (MTestUx13)
  • Moment 3 – ID 41655236 (MTestUx14)

But you have to assume that the third moment is still a long way off. However, such early leaks are not uncommon.

There are no details on the content

The “Moment 1” update for Windows 11 was released a few weeks ago in mid-October. It has brought new features to Windows 11 that weren’t possible with the launch of the 22H2 feature update. These included, among other things, a file explorer with tabs and a variable override for the taskbar.

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The second moment is expected to be released next year, possibly in the first quarter of 2023. Two new features are expected at the moment, and are not currently being tested by insiders. Microsoft recently gave a little glimpse of what could come with Moment 2.

So the third moment should be in the early planning stage. Nothing is known about the potential content.

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