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Mozilla Firefox 105.0.2 released

Mozilla has released an out-of-order update for its desktop browser, Firefox 105.0.2, which fixes several issues from the previous version.

Download Mozilla Firefox 105.0.2

With the update to Firefox 105.0.2, Mozilla is working to fix the possibility of some websites loading stuck when Firefox is running in what is known as a bug fix mode or hidden optionn gfx.e10s.font-list.shared is set to false non-default and the specific fonts used by the website are installed.

WebExtension sidebars can no longer access graphic resources from third-party themes installed in private windows.

Web compatibility issues have also been fixed. There were problems with the appearance of the CSS property for number fields. And in right-to-left languages, selected fields can have their scroll bar on the wrong side.

On Linux systems with specific themes, contrast issues can occur in the menu bar and in specific fields.

Firefox on macOS has supported HDR video playback since version 100. Firefox 105 adds HDR telemetry, which is key to Mozilla’s future plans to support HDR on additional platforms.

In addition, there have been several preliminary changes to the so-called Firefox Major Release 2022 (Firefox 106).

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