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Mozilla Firefox 95.0.1 released

With Firefox 95.0.1, Mozilla has released an out-of-order update for its desktop browser.

Download Mozilla Firefox 95.0.1

By updating to Firefox 95.0.1, Mozilla solves the problem that Firefox users can no longer access various Microsoft websites and only receive error code MOZILLA_PKIX_ERROR_OCSP_RESPONSE_FOR_CERT_MISSING after Microsoft changed the server side configuration (OCSP stack with SHA-256 hashes) that was It was not previously supported by Mozilla’s NSS library.

The possible cause of WebRender crashing in Linux/X11 and the possible cause of crashing when exiting Firefox under Windows have also been fixed.

Website contrast issues should also be a thing of the past for some Linux users who have activated dark mode at the OS level.

The user agent that was replaced when using Slack since Firefox 95.0 is no longer overwritten, because Slack has also supported the Huddles feature for Firefox users since Monday.

In addition, several improvements have been made regarding remote settings, which particularly affects Linux Mint users, as the search engine settings were not properly updated during the upgrade.

Finally, it has also been fixed that Settings is showing a new tab for some users, which should not be visible yet.

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