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New patch released with many bug fixes and celebration pack

New patch released with many bug fixes and celebration pack

As reported by Sega, there is a new patch for Sonic Colors: Ultimate (far 26,35€ in to buyAvailable on all platforms. The update not only addresses and corrects many bugs, but also incorporates so-called “quality of life” improvements and adds the new Celebration Pack. Apropos “Celebration”: Sega has released a new trailer in which the performance of the crazy hedgehog is celebrated with quotes.

Here is an overview of the changes:

celebration package:
New content for Sonic, including…

  • Burst shoes
  • glove burst
  • fireworks promotion
  • fireworks aura

Improving quality of life:

  • Ultimate-Mix / Original-Mix Soundtrack- Transpose
  • Enhanced full screen mode and blur An / Aus-Toggle
  • Tails-Navigation An / Aus-Toggle
  • Full screen movie playback for satellite options
  • Improved Wisp’s Heavenly Vision

General bug fixes:

  • Improved stability on all platforms
  • Update enemy attack speed
  • Enhanced green hover ring dash function
  • Improved visibility for Big Chaser attack (especially for Nintendo Switch)
  • Many other bug fixes

Sonic Colors: Ultimate was released on September 7, 2021 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. In the Test on The hedgehog managed to achieve a good rating in the area. Latest real video: Accolades Trailer

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