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Mozilla launches Firefox 124 for Android

Mozilla launches Firefox 124 for Android

Mozilla has released Firefox 124 for Android. This article describes the new features in Firefox 124 for Android.

Download Firefox for Android from the Google Play Store

What's new in Firefox 124 for Android

“Swipe to refresh” refers to the swipe gesture from the top of the screen to the bottom to reload the currently open website. This feature has been enabled by default since Firefox 112 and was disabled again with Firefox 116.3. The reason for this was that there were a large number of bug reports and reviews related to this functionality. In recent months, Mozilla has continued to improve this feature. From now on, Pull to Refresh is activated again by default.

HTML drag-and-drop API is now supported when using the mouse. It also accepts plain text or HTML text from external applications

Additionally, as always, there are new platform features for the existing GeckoView engine, various bug fixes, and locked features Weaknesses As well as improvements under the hood. Among other things, it no longer happens that buttons in so-called custom tabs, such as the share button in X (formerly Twitter), look pressed.

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