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Flight Simulator 2020: Microsoft confirms the existence of an annoying problem

Flight Simulator 2020: Microsoft confirms the existence of an annoying problem

After Microsoft and Asobo recently had to confirm the postponement of the Sim 15 update for Flight Simulator 2020, In the latest developer notes No new obstacles were mentioned that would indicate further delay. According to the developer, things are going well with the completion of the update scheduled for March 26. It is scheduled for next Thursday. If there are no last-minute issues, the next update will be available before Easter.

Microsoft confirms there is a problem with your computer

There is news elsewhere. Microsoft and Asobo can now confirm what several users have reported: in both the live version and the beta, the simulation opens partially in windowed mode, even if full-screen mode is set. Microsoft did not provide a real explanation for this phenomenon, which seems strange given the lack of any changes to the live version.

After all, the team has now identified the cause of the bug, and a fix for the bug will be rolled out with the Sim 15 update next week. In the meantime, a well-known workaround is to force the keyboard into full screen mode using Alt+Enter. Alternatively, you can activate full screen mode in Flight Simulator's general settings, but this setting disappears the next time you start it.

The short-term roadmap for Flight Simulator 2020 will soon include Sim Update 15 (March 26), City Update 6 with Local Legend 15 (April 17), and World Update 17 at the end of May. Update 15 should bring better frame rates and reduced stuttering.

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