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Mozilla released Firefox Focus 101 for Android

Mozilla released Firefox Focus 101 for Android

Firefox Klar is a dedicated privacy browser. Mozilla has now released Firefox Klar 101 for Android. This article describes the innovations.

Download Mozilla Firefox Klar for Google Android

Mozilla has released Firefox Focus 101 (international name: Firefox Focus 101) for Android. The exact version number is Firefox Klar 101.1.1.

What’s new in Firefox Klar 101 for Android

After media autoplay permissions can already be managed via Firefox Klar settings, there are now also settings for using your camera, microphone, location, notifications, and content with DRM copy protection.

Firefox Klar has an option to require fingerprint unlock to unlock the app. Previously, a fingerprint was only required when a website was open in Firefox Klar. From now on, your fingerprint will be requested even without opening a website if there is at least one shortcut on the Start screen.

As always, there are new features for the existing GeckoView engine platform, various bug fixes, and closed security vulnerabilities.

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