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The cost of the complete equipment of the character should reach 100,000 euros

The cost of the complete equipment of the character should reach 100,000 euros

Free game developed for smartphones Immortal Diablo infuriates. Equipping the character completely gets really expensive.

100,000 euros for a dignitary?

It was to be expected that Diablo Immortal wouldn’t be so sensitive with its monetization – after all, there are so many templates for mobile role-playing games that cleverly squeeze one or two euros out of a player’s pocket in the free-to-play model. NetEase and ActivisionBlizzard may have gotten a little over the top with Diablo Immortal.

Like a YouTube channel Pillular News in one Detailed video analysisIt can be very expensive to equip your character with the best equipment to be successful in PvP and in the world rankings.

The main reason for this is the system in which the important legendary gems can be obtained. Because they are the mainstay of the special build in Diablo Immortals later in the game. It can be settled and then later awakened and upgraded, which takes a lot of time.

It can’t be accessed without real money
Problem: Gems in particular are earned via the so-called ancient portal, which looks like some kind of playable loot chest. You create a dungeon with so-called badges, the rarest of which naturally bring better loot once you kill the last boss. The difference between “No Badge” and “Three Legendary Badges” is astounding, as streamer Asmungold shows in a Twitter clip:

And the best way to get the necessary legendary badges is with real money. The process is complex, intentionally confusing, and involves a lot of luck in the end — with a relatively low drop rate for the legendary gem, according to the data designers.

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In addition, the most powerful gems seem to be completely tied to real money transactions – so even with an excessive investment of time, a free-to-play character cannot be as good as the one for which the money was invested.
According to Bellular News, if players want to fully customize their character, they can put about $100,000 into the game. Surprisingly large sum in all respects.

BUT: This maximum upload is probably not necessary just to run the campaign. You can read in our next test what are the effects of monetization on the gaming experience and whether Diablo Immortal is worth it for its campaign content.

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