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Mozilla releases Firefox 122 for Android

Mozilla releases Firefox 122 for Android

Mozilla has released Firefox 122 for Android. This article describes the new features in Firefox 122 for Android.

Download Firefox for Android from the Google Play Store

Firefox as the default viewer for PDF files

It is now possible to configure Firefox as the default application for viewing PDF files.

Support Global Privacy Control (GPC).

There's a new option in your Tracking Protection settings to tell websites not to sell or share your data. This is what it's called Global Privacy Control (GPC), which companies in at least parts of the USA are required to comply with by law. The setting only applies to non-private tabs. GPC is always enabled in special tabs.

The Android version is frozen in the user agent

As a further data protection improvement, but also as a long-term measure to reduce web compatibility issues, the Android version has been frozen in the so-called user agent, which Firefox sends to websites. Firefox now always reports Android 10 to websites, regardless of which version of Android is actually being used.

Over 710 extensions available

This is not an innovation in Firefox 122. However, it is worth noting that the number of available add-ons has continued to rise sharply. As a reminder: Since Firefox 120, there has been an open extension system in Firefox for Android. While just over 530 extensions were available when Firefox 121 was released, there are now over 710.

Local installation of extensions

And if that's not enough for you: Firefox 122 now also supports installing extensions, which you can install from the local file system. To do this, tap the Firefox logo five times in the Settings → About Firefox screen. Additional screens will then be available in Settings. One of them is called “Install add-on from file”.

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Due to limitations on older versions of Android, this feature is only available on Android 10 and later.

Other new features of Firefox 122 for Android

The option to report an add-on to Mozilla has been integrated into the Extensions Manager.

Support for so-called Consent Management Providers (CMPs) has been activated in the cookie blocker. Whereas previously only single domain rules were activated, the first, although not all, popular solutions used by many websites are now supported.

Activity tracking protection has been expanded to include blocking email trackers in private tabs.

The voice sandbox, which has long been activated on other platforms, is now live on Android.

Additionally, as always, there are new platform features for the existing GeckoView engine, various bug fixes, and locked features Weaknesses As well as improvements under the hood.

Among other things, the “swipe to refresh” function has been further improved, since the Home screen customization button now also appears on the main screen when all items except shortcuts are deactivated by the user, and so-called “custom tabs” are opened or closed. It no longer stops media playing in the background tab.