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Bard AI will replace Google Assistant on Android

Bard AI will replace Google Assistant on Android

Hey Google will be launching Bard in the long run and not Google Assistant anymore.

Google Assistant is currently being scaled back significantly and it seems that Google is preparing for the end of the voice assistant, because in the future everything will revolve around Bard. A demo video explaining the Bard app for Android has now surfaced and reveals some details that were not previously known at this level of detail.

If Bard is activated, the AI ​​will have its own application code, among other things. Additionally, Bard will launch in the same way it launches Google Assistant today. On the one hand, this applies to the voice command “Hey Google” and, on the other hand, to activation using the power button on your phone if you press it briefly.

The demo video once again shows that Bard places less emphasis on voice input, but always offers the user the option to input via keyboard, image or voice.

In its first version, Bard is an option and does not need to be activated. But in the long term, it looks like Google is planning to take over Bard entirely and combine more of the Assistant with Google Lens, albeit with a chunk of AI.

The update removes Google Assistant from the Pixel Launcher

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