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MSF employee killed in Al-Hol camp – VG

Al-Roj Camp: VG was at the al-Roj camp in northeastern Syria on Tuesday. An MSF worker was killed in an al-Hol camp just south of the country. Photo: Khair Lean, VG

OSLO / Syria (VG) In February, one of the MSF personnel was killed in his tent at the al-Hole camp in Syria.


The organization said the employee was killed on February 24 while in camp with his family.

– Silje Creighton VG, Communications Manager, MSF in Norway, said that we are not allowed to reveal the identity of our colleague without respecting family and private life.

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IS women are being evacuated from al-Hole

– We try to understand the situation and circumstances surrounding the death of the person. Will Turner, MSF’s emergency manager in Syria, said in a statement that the MSF supports the family during this difficult time and sends our thoughts to our colleagues’ family and friends.

Three days later, the four-year-old child of another employee of the organization died in a fire that broke out during a wedding in al-Hole. The fire is said to have been triggered by an accidentally overturned diesel heater.

The flames spread to nearby tents, killing at least seven people. About 30 people were injured in the fire, which included three people who worked at the MSF and several of their family members.

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Report from within the Al-Hole camp: Frustration, anger and amputated legs

Al-Hole houses, among other things, widows, wives, children and family members of IS militants. The majority are Iraqis and Syrians, but about 57 come from 57 countries. The MSF estimates that two out of three people living in the camp are children.

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The camp is controlled by local authorities and security forces, which prevents most people from leaving the camp. The group said security at the al-Hole camp had deteriorated over the past two years, and this year it had worsened.

Syria: VG Tuesday in northeastern Syria. It was reported today that an MSF employee was killed in the Al-Hole camp a little further south of the country. Photo: Khair Lean, VG

VG was in al-Roj, one of the other detention camps in Syria, on Tuesday afternoon.
Of these, 2,000 are women, as opposed to al-Hol, where 60 women live.

The situation at the al-Roj camp on Tuesday was quiet, with children playing between tents and little talk between tents. Noora Abdo, the leader of the camp, tells VG that this is the situation they are demanding.

– The situation here and against al-Hol cannot be compared. They have big problems in that camp and it is dangerous there, while we have good facilities here. But the fact that we have to keep these IS women at home is a huge burden for us Kurds. This is a burden because no one wants them. “We want all countries, including Norway, to bring their women and children back home,” said Nora Ahmed, head of the al-Roj camp.