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Svalbard – Attack of polar bears on VG

Photo: Barre Hockley, Svalbardposton

A man who was attacked by a polar bear in Svalbard on Tuesday is in hospital with minor injuries.


– The person who was slightly injured after being attacked by a polar bear in Svalbard is being treated in hospital, says Derje Carlson, Svalbard Governor’s Communications Adviser.

The bomber struck shortly after 9 a.m. Tuesday in Mohenjo-daro, east of Spitzberg. The polar bear has been shot.

– Carlson says there will be a regular investigation into the incident.

Attack from behind

According to Svalbardposton The polar bear struck from behind against two employees of the Polar X Company who measured the thickness of the snow at Mohenbukta.

The other person in the entourage was the one who shot the polar bear. Both in the entourage must be experienced mountaineers. Both scooters were running, which means they did not hear the polar bear approaching, Svalbard Posten writes.

– It is clear that this is a bear who decided to attack. Both are experienced, resident, we are talking about pure misfortune. Jason Roberts, the company’s owner, tells Svalbard Boston that it should not have happened.

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Johan (38) killed by polar bear – This is where the bear attacked

For the first time in Roberts’ 30-year Svalbard career, some of his employees are being injured by polar bears.

This is the first polar bear attack on Svalbard since August last year Dutch citizen Johann Jacobs Coote (38) was killed by a polar bear In a camp outside Longyearbyen.


Assistant Governor Salvi Elvedal told VG the incident was a thought provoking one for the people of Svalbard, who had not experienced a dangerous polar bear attack since 2011.

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– You can quickly become lazy about carrying weapons when you go out to built areas, Elvedal said.

Carrying a weapon is not legal, but the governor wants it and has the appropriate intimidation agents.