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Museum posters: Art in a cityscape -

Museum posters: Art in a cityscape –

Early morning in August in Hofburg. Two workers on a lifting platform erect a huge banner at a height of ten meters. The film shows the “crown jewels” – and is intended to attract tourists to the imperial treasury. It is part of the summer campaign of the Kunsthistorisches Museum (KHM), which relies heavily on outdoor advertising.

Arouse interest in assets

For the big fall fair “Idols & Rivals. Artists in Competition”, about 1,500 posters will be displayed in the inner city area, along subway lines and in cafes, shops and institutions at the end of August. KHM hopes to reach people less interested in art and encourage them to discover the museum’s assets.


KHM relies heavily on external advertising

About the kiss in the museum

Vienna’s Belvedere takes a more important view of classic outdoor advertising: “As digitalization advances, we realize that people’s attention is focused more on their own devices than on the outside,” ORF said. However, about a thousand posters are placed in public at the start of major fairs. “The large figures are found at the airport, in the immediate vicinity of our sites and on our private fleet. The latter shows Gustav Klimt’s Kiss or Belvedere Palace, no matter the time.”

kiss airport poster

ORF / Florian Kobler

At Vienna Airport, the Belvedere Hotel attracts tourists with world-famous paintings

Transient art

“Art and culture define the city and make the city’s landscape more diverse,” says Daniela Grill. The managing director of Kulturformat carries out advertising campaigns for several museums and concert halls in Vienna, as well as for the Schönbrunn Zoo. Grill is convinced that the classic museum poster will continue to attract a lot of attention – whether on platform slabs, illuminated and historic pillars, in trams, as a large slab on scaffolding or in any other form.

The posters can’t be overlooked, especially in District One and Episodes. They convey art – almost in passing. “I think indirectly, because the subconscious is involved a lot,” Grill says. Stickers can also link to digital content via QR codes.

Albertina stickers


Exhibition posters are popular souvenirs in museum stores in both KHM and Albertina

Stickers as selfie spots

Albertina has about a hundred poster locations in the city, some in the suburbs. This has paid off during the pandemic, says Albertina spokesperson Daniel Bennis: “The people of Vienna have remained loyal to us, and we are very grateful for that.”

Posters often end up in the digital space or in social networks. Above all, the Albertina Staircase – currently covered in Monet’s water lilies – is a popular place for taking selfies for tourists.

In addition to advertising shaving cream, furniture stores, and cars, Albertina posters are also a great contribution to the city’s scene, says Benes. In principle, artistic motifs and posters arouse curiosity. Maybe one of them will use a name in google. “

Half a million stickers have been sold

Few even go so far as to buy museum posters. Albertina alone has sold half a million stickers to date. Benyes: “It’s almost a collector’s item in some circles. We have clients from all over the world who regularly order Albertina stickers. They are bought for hospitals, shops, and law firms.”

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