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Metal Outbreak Outdoor 2022

Metal Outbreak Outdoor 2022

After a successful first launch last year, the MNO Open Air was held again this year in Schwanenstadt. As in the previous year, junior writer (thank you for the little job in tourism) didn’t make it to first band – so stay Transfer of Ownership Unfortunately, it is not documented. This is what I got Connection With sprawling symphonic vocal scenes and a highly variable vocalist – however, the majority of the audience seemed to have found the somewhat complicated fare too heavy at such an early hour. DARK BEACH Then it crashed without a drummer, but with all the cruelty to the spectators, who took the comfort of the atmosphere with them world fire, who played two new songs for the first time, really deserved it. Immediately after that it was valid from new chapter For the next hearty sonic kick in the ass. Isn’t it nice to have someone yell at you over and over again?

There were plenty of opportunities to respond (often enough also directly into the microphone). KILL LYCAN, who never missed Chris the actor who totally unleashed on anything in slow dusk – crawling, head poses, aerial jumps, crowd surfing… and a guest appearance by Borsti (WBTE) was also included. Also the Italian stage returning from shark in your mouth Fortunately the ear boot sank into the chew bar and in between also got blatant support from regulator Walter himself. The fact that there is a little heavy rain from the sky between them did not spoil the general mood, so we can We blame the empire Close the bag with a huge width and permanently destroy the hut. The fact that not only was the entire show filmed by several cameras, but also that there was a brand new song on Nuts after the regular season at the constant demand of viewers, again raises high hopes…

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The bottom line is that one would have liked to see a few more visitors in the Schwanenstadt (shame on you all), but the attendees were wholeheartedly pampered with the Leberkas. At least it worked!

More images can be found at Images Of Pain And Pleasure:
We blame the Empire + Shark in your mouth + We kill Lycan