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Music of Louisiana (USA) by Maria Lanzendorf

Music of Louisiana (USA) by Maria Lanzendorf

Created on September 14, 2022 | 10:56

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The “Cajun Red Stars” will play Saturday (September 17) at the Maria Lanzendorfer Hof.


MHe will be a guest at the Maria Lanzendorfer Hof on Saturday (Sept. 17) with “Cajun Red Stars,” a concert dedicated to the traditional music of Louisiana’s francophone immigrants.

Country music from America awaits concert-goers next Saturday (September 17) in Maria Lanzendorf. But you won’t hear country or bluegrass because the “Cajun Red Stars” have devoted themselves to a different genre of music.

Cajun is a sound brought with them by francophone immigrants fleeing Canada to what is now the southern United States in the 18th century. With violin (fiddle), bass, drums, a “washboard” and the usual pedal steel guitar, Bernadette Schlembach, Erich Dirnwoeber, Georg Geisbauer, Klaus Dolezal and Martin Cobb create an atmosphere that still exists today in Baton Rouge. , the capital of Louisiana is 8700 kilometers as the crow flies or creates a special atmosphere in New Orleans.

Organized by Green List, the concert starts at 8pm on Saturday (September 17). – Admission: Free donation. – Seat reservation directly at Gasthaus Maria Lanzendorfer Hof on 02235 20343

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