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Music Renewed: Eight Exciting New Pop Releases from Graz

Music Renewed: Eight Exciting New Pop Releases from Graz

There is a lot of things going on. This applies not only to the many festivals and celebrations, but also to Spotify and Co. , who are also constantly filling Graz’s pop scene with new songs – from the established scene scene to the newcomer.

Obviously, Rainer Binder Kriegelstein belongs to the first Bender and Kriegelstein They recently celebrated the band’s 20th anniversary. To keep up with it, he gave himself and fans “Fast Nothing Happens”, a stubborn and irresistible album as ever – and a bike song that shouldn’t be missing either. Like the previous album “Drums of the Night”, the album was released by “Cooks Records”.

We belong to the second group, i.e. newcomers FEDX. Behind the nickname and in the yellow hoodie is the 23-year-old Grazer Ferdinand Forrest, who conquered the world of rap through social media. He has achieved a huge reach on Instagram and TikTok. Now he has released his second CD with “Bumm Bumm Bang Bang”. It’s not immune to problematic rap cliches, but the sound certainly has potential.

There is also the first EP from Risei Rainer, which recently caught the Schlagergarten audience their finger with charming indie pop music in German. The EP has the sweet name “Echsestieren” and is probably very interesting because it sounds so calming. And with “Richtig Sommer,” Jill’s summer song “Friday for Future” includes “Fridays for the Future”—a reference to Rudy Carell: “Will it really be summer again—summer as it once was? There are a few cool days in between, when It’s never too hot in sub-Saharan Africa…” And by the way, the German Tagspiegel is also excited!

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From the not-so-quiet ranks of Kleine-Zeitung sports editors come Christian Albert Master of soft tones. The talented singer and songwriter has released an amazing new album titled “Somewhere We Go”.

Literally all about Grenada (New video “Pirouette” with Drag Queen Freya van Kant) and Ban Ki-moon (One “spins the bottle”).

This is away from the bands’ summer vacation: Jayden She released a 90-second outburst with “Joch,” which makes you want to read the upcoming debut album, Paul Pfleger alias. pee and pets He releases his first solo debut, “Domestic Monasticism,” on June 24th on Catgold Records. As a teaser, “Super Mario In Pain” has just been released – a retro psychedelic anthem about the digital empathy for the video game character of the same name. W: News of the future pop star will follow on Friday Maya Onda (One song, “The Blinds”).