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Musician's Party – Full House, great atmosphere at Großsc's Youth Fashion Party

Musician's Party – Full House, great atmosphere at Großsc's Youth Fashion Party

The earth shook on Sunday during the concert of the youth fashion band Großschönau. There are no longer free places at the Gasthof Thaler in Großotten. The atmosphere was great. “We are very happy with the large number of visitors,” says festival organizer Yasmin Hackl, laughing. Guests of honor included Mayor Martin Bruckner and his wife, Deputy Mayor Martin Hackl and his wife, school principal Hubert Prinz and his wife Josef Gratzel, head of the High School of Music and Environment in Gmund, and district judge Günter Badtreib with his counterpart. family.

The dancers – 8 pairs from the band – chose the ABBA logo and started the party with songs such as “Mamma mia”, “Gimme! Give me!”, “Give me a man after midnight”, “Voulez-vous”, “Does your mother know” and “Waterloo”. The choreography for this came from Bianca Riegler and Jasmine Berenger. Rehearsals have been going on since the end of December. To accompany this, self-prepared drinks were served at the bar, such as “Chiquitita” (vodka with cranberry juice).

Young musicians wowed everyone by dancing on a trash can during the midnight show. Helena Strundel and Matthias Grübel were particularly happy with the sold-out raffle tickets. Homemade bath bombs – orange or lavender – were given as donations to the women, while the men received drinks with a high alcohol content.

TB-The Band is also responsible for the great atmosphere. Stefan Grübel, Peter Rott, Alexandra Grübel, Herbert Grübel and David Wurz-Herrmann, five great musicians who kept the dance floor buzzing.