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Musikverein – Oberndorf gymnasium as concert hall

Musikverein – Oberndorf gymnasium as concert hall

A full house at the Oberndorf Gymnasium at the Oberndorf Musical Society’s Spring Gala last Saturday. 250 guests accepted the Musikverein’s invitation to attend the concert, including Reverend Matthew Ammianikkal, Mayor Walter Seiberl, and Musikverein Honorary President Willibald Karl.

From Emperor Waltz to the Beach Boys Golden Hits – Musikverein musicians, under the direction of Kapellmeister Gerhard Adensamer and Irene Kraus, have shown themselves to be at home in all genres.

The music students also had their big evening: they got to show off their Wickie medley skills to a huge audience. The tailors and chairman of the board, Franz Sturmelchner, directed the event. He also gave flowers to Brigitte Siberl, who had left the Music Guild after many years of service.

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