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Musk wants to lift Trump's ban after acquiring Twitter

Musk wants to lift Trump’s ban after acquiring Twitter

The tech billionaire has criticized Trump’s ban as “just morally wrong and stupid”.

Former US President Donald Trump may hope to return to Twitter in time for the 2024 White House race. Tech billionaire Elon muskwho is about to acquire Twitter, will do so trump Return to the platform. The decision to ban Trump was “just morally wrong and stupid,” Musk criticized Tuesday in a video interview at an times“.

Trump was banned from Twitter after expressing sympathy for his supporters who stormed the Capitol in Washington on January 6, 2021. In previous weeks, Trump had fueled the mood with baseless claims that he had been defeated in the election. Joe Biden Stolen by fraud.

Trump’s own platform has problems growing

Trump recently said he doesn’t want to go back to Twitter, even if he could. A presence on the platform, where he had more than 80 million followers, may be important to a potential candidacy in the 2024 presidential election. Trump has used Twitter very actively to rally his supporters and create an atmosphere. He tries to create his own social media platform, which is struggling with startup issues.

Musk said Trump’s ban on Twitter was a mistake because a large segment of the American public did not approve of it. This does not mean that the former president can no longer make his voice heard.

“Decision of the private entrepreneur”

“I would say it’s a private company’s decision about who is allowed access to its platforms and who is not,” a White House spokeswoman said. Jin Psaki, to a question about the Mask ad. The Biden administration aims to ensure and protect freedom of expression across the country. Psaki said online platforms should not be used as forums for disinformation. “And we’ve seen it not only on Twitter in the past, but also on Facebook.”

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It will be some time before it becomes clear if Musk actually gets Twitter. The head of electric car maker Tesla has agreed with Twitter’s board of directors on a deal worth about $44 billion, but it still depends on enough shareholders willing to give up their shares to him. Twitter and Musk aim to complete the acquisition by the end of the year.