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MXoN 2022 Back to RedBud (USA) / Motocross of Nations

World Cup Series promoter ‘Inbred Moto Racing’ wants to host the Motocross of Nations next year on the famous Rudd Road in the United States. Again there will be two day events.

“We had a very long conversation with AMA, FIM and US advertiser ‘MX Sports’,” said David Lungo, CEO of Inbrent Moto Racing, MXoN’s series dealer in Mantova this year. One thing is clear: the cancellation of the Americans did no good to the event. MXoN is primarily a strength test between the World Cup and the American League. “We want motocross to be here and there. It’s important that drivers on both sides compete with each other.”

Repeated explanations from the US side added to the situation. The truth is, the Americans have not been able to form a competitive team against Herlings and Gove this year. May have been.

Luongo noted that MXoN will return to RedBud next year. “This is a fantastic place. The last event was a success despite the bad event. There were a lot of spectators. We look forward to next year.”

Luongo wants to bring default back to the 2022 World Cup calendar. The 2022 season begins in February and ends with the peak of MXoN. Lungo wants the World Cup to return to its two-day format.

“Our goal is to get back to normal. Like in the past, we want to start the season in February and then finish the season with MXoN. MXoN will take place at the end of September.