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Trump’s defeat cannot be deceived

EBallot papers were not reviewed in the US state of Arizona Donald Trump Expected results. In one delivered on Friday News The implementing agency concludes that the decision determined by election officials last November was correct. In Marigopa County, Arizona’s most populous district, election winner Joe Biden received 45,469 more votes than Donald Trump – an increase of 360 votes compared to the official results. With 0.4 percent more votes than Trump, this was a decisive factor in Biden’s victory in the state.

One of the most important hopes of former President Trump, who has not yet acknowledged his defeat, is evidence of the massive electoral fraud that led to his representation in the presidential election in November last year. The report says: “The ballots are the best evidence of what voters want, and there is no conclusive evidence that they have been damaged.”

Election fraud in by-elections

However, in Friday’s report and presentation, the authors put forward various ideas that, in their view, could lead to electoral fraud – but all sub -. The Marigopa County Electoral Officers As well as major newspapers New York Times And Washington Post These points are denied. From the point of view of election officials, the teachers’ statements show that they do not understand how elections are organized and conducted. For example, the authors of the report criticized the fact that thousands of people voted even though they had changed their place of residence before the election. The Election Commission pointed out on Twitter that this is completely legal under the Electoral Act.

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The review was commissioned by the state’s Republican-dominated Senate after massive pressure from Donald Trump and his allies. The local party leadership has always opposed a review because it was convinced that the election was right. Cyber ​​ninjas, whose boss Doug Logan claimed after the election that Trump had betrayed him, were appointed for investigation in February.

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