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My Ugly Clementine Live: But Not a Podcast for a Cleaning Routine

My Ugly Clementine Live: But Not a Podcast for a Cleaning Routine

Shortly before the end of the My Ugly Clementine show at WUK in Vienna, one of the musicians said, “Our concerts sound to me like this podcast you listen to while you clean.”

A gross miscalculation – at least as far as the music is concerned. In March 2020, the rock band founded by Leyya guitarist and lead singer Sophie Lindinger and Mira Lu Kovacs released their “Vitamin C” album, which was awarded “European Independent Album Of The Year”. The quartet shows the reason for the delay in the launch party, which is more than two years late: it contains great songs with distinct extensions such as “Who”, “Try Me” or “I’ll Never Be Yours”. And when you forget about your surroundings and break free from the rocks, it has an irresistible sweeping effect.

Then Lindinger and guitarist Nastasja Ronck’s long hair flew in, Kem Kolleritsch (Kerosin95) slammed the drums as if they wanted to destroy the leather, and Kovacs shook his hairspray as if in trance.

The problem (and most likely what Putz’s podcast quote meant) is the middle. There is a lot of talk. As if you were in the living room with friends.

On the other hand, this is sympathetic because it is sincere, but in terms of content, it often indicates a lack of self-confidence. Lindinger even publicly tells how nervous she is. In addition, there are technical problems to be resolved which are exchanged.

It takes way too long, not only because it’s hard to hear again. The tension caused by the songs fades away again. This is unfortunate, because My Ugly Clementine can also inspire life. Thus, more self-confidence will not only be effective, but also fully justified.

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