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New Year's concert in Grafenwörth: wonderful sounds amazed the audience

New Year's concert in Grafenwörth: wonderful sounds amazed the audience

The new musical year opened with a wonderful concert in Grafenwörth. The artists dazzled the audience with pieces by Bleyel, Mozart, and Offenbach.

Gravenworth. The musical year began with a wonderful New Year's concert given by the Ignaz Pleyel Association in the sold-out “Haus der Musik”. They sang and played Alexandra Reinbrecht (soprano), Christian Marie Riedel (mezzo-soprano) and Sebastian Parrott (Bass Baritone) They dazzled the audience with their wonderful voices and stage presence. They were accompanied by an excellent New Year's concert band Dominic Helsberg And Clemens Lilac (also), Robert Bauerstatter (Viola), Iris Chu (Violoncello), Wally rabbit (flute), Stefan Neubauer (clarinet) and Srepra Jeleva (piano). The superintendent led the evening Alice Herzog.

to Adi ErintraudIgnaz Pleyel, President of the Association, said it was a special day:

This is our 571st concert, and I hope that the wonderful music of Ignaz Joseph Pleyel and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart will bring beautiful thoughts into the daily lives of our guests today.

Regional leaders were among the enthusiastic visitors Andreas Reimer, Christine And Franz Beer Beside Karl Rochelle, Ingrid Molinas And Claudia Finklick. Christine And Siggy Rayman He even came from Basel specifically for the concert.

We went to a concert at the museum in the summer and didn't want to miss the New Year's concert.

The culture-loving Swiss explained. Of course there were also many members and Pleyel fans among the guests Charles And Helen Jamek, Edith Lebrzev, Joseph And Helga Forlaufer From Mülldorf, Gabrielle And Hebert Hahn From hollabron, Helmut Pfeiffer And Christa Schnell From St. Pölten, Herbert And Maria Hirsch with Veronica Lebel And Peter Schalk From St Andrew-Wardern, Horst Pleyel, A relative of the composer with his daughter petra postel, Beside Julio And Frederick Compostela And Monica And Ernst Kornezel with Hilda And Hans Ehrentraud. It was a fantastic New Year's Eve concert and a successful start to the musical's 2024 year.

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More information about the Ignaz Pleyel Society, the museum and other concert dates can be found on the website

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