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Nagelsmann removes Angelinho from Leipzig's squad - missing against BVB in the DFB Cup Final

Nagelsmann removes Angelinho from Leipzig’s squad – missing against BVB in the DFB Cup Final

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I’ll give you advice that Angelino doesn’t want to hit Bayern Munich at least after that …

Was this up for discussion? With Davis and Hernandez, Left Defense is arguably the smallest construction site. Angelino hasn’t been convincing defensively yet, which is probably one of the reasons City didn’t want him, despite not having a real midfielder on the team except for Zincico. (Except for Mindy, he’s been following his looks throughout the ages)

Hernandez is needed in the IV after Boateng / Alaba leaves and Davis is still very young, which – which is totally normal – also has bad phases. Replacement that can also put pressure on permanent employees will be very necessary.

But I agree with you that this is not the largest construction site we have. There’s no place in the budget for Angeliño, but that would have died after the campaign anyway.

Even if he intends to, what effect will this have on his current and future coaches at Bayern Munich !?

Does not make sense.

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Well, I guess he’s slowly realizing what kind of club he’s ended up with. Moving from City to such an unimportant club with its quality is difficult. Someone does not want to fulfill their contract.

Uff, here’s something cobbled up again, and no clue at all.

It is said that Angelino did not produce the desired reaction, rather his reaction was relentless. Inactivity in training after losing a game doesn’t always mean that a player suddenly no longer feels like his club

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He may have simply found Nagelsmann’s criticisms that he still coaches are overblown or he just wasn’t too interested in Nagelsmann’s words because he’s leaving soon anyway. Plus, it wasn’t about anything for Leipzig. The CL quality is assured, whether you are second or fourth it is almost irrelevant. Ultimately, they still say Bayern, Dortmund and Leipzig are the top 3 clubs in Germany, even if Leipzig comes third this season and Wolfsburg is second.

Angelino could have had a bad week, had a special argument for or or or. In any case, I will not immediately take such disciplinary action as a possible indication that Angelino wants to leave Leipzig. Roll eyes