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NASA releases a 'teaser' image from the James Webb Telescope

NASA releases a ‘teaser’ image from the James Webb Telescope

The NASA Got a new picture this week James Webb It was released as a preview of the first main image coming in July 12 It must serve. You can see stars with dark spots in the center. Other bright objects are galaxies.

According to the researcher, the weakest thing in this picture is Jane Rigby Those types of faint galaxies that Webb will study in his first year of scientific operation.

“Alluring Insight”

photo from According to NASA From Precision Guidance Sensor (FGS). This is used to precisely align the telescope to target objects. Essentially, it helps a space telescope catch its targets and stay on track to make its observations. The image consists of 72 shotswas recorded over a 32-hour period in mid-May.

The FGS shot was part of a successfully completed test that took several months to prepare. The goal of the test was to fix a star and check how well the space telescope could turn sideways in flight.

Search for exoplanets and galaxies

The newly released teaser image of stars and galaxies is a “puzzling glimpse” of what science telescope instruments will reveal in the coming weeks, months and years, according to the agency. Overall, Webb pursues the mission of exploring the early universe, tracking exoplanets and galaxies and unveiling the secrets of space.

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