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NASA spacecraft makes an unusual discovery on the surface of Mars

NASA spacecraft makes an unusual discovery on the surface of Mars

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This time it's not the animal that NASA's Perseverance rover found on Mars. Instead, he discovered something edible on the ground.

PASADENA – Time and again, NASA's Perseverance and Curiosity rovers find strange objects on Mars that don't belong there. Perhaps the strangest finds include a “floating spoon,” a “bear face,” and a supposed face “frog”. Now Perseverance has made another exciting discovery on the Red Planet.

This time it's not about animals, it's about something edible: NASA's rover found “popcorn.” Of course, it's not real edible popcorn, just as there are no floating spoons, bear faces, or frog faces on Mars. In fact, they are stones that remind researchers of popcorn.

Rocks with a “popcorn” texture are found on Mars

After months of traveling across Mars, Perseverance has arrived at a place its team calls “Bright Angel.” There are a growing number of older, lighter stones that may have once been covered in water. In this area, the probe discovered “rocks with a strange structure that had never been seen before,” says one of them to update NASA. He continues: “Some of the rocks are densely covered with small balls, which we jokingly referred to as a 'popcorn' texture.”

NASA rover found
NASA's Perseverance rover found unusual stones on the surface of Mars. “Some of the rocks are densely covered with tiny balls, which we jokingly referred to as a popcorn-like texture,” the rover team says. © NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU

But the discovery is not only great fun for the team behind Perseverance, but also great fun for the geologists on the team. They immediately point out the science behind the discovery: “Together, these features indicate that groundwater flowed through these rocks after they were deposited.” Perseverance has already found many signs of the former presence of water on Mars. Recently, a space probe orbiting the Red Planet discovered water ice on Mars' equator.

NASA's Perseverance rover will perform chemical analyzes on Mars

Next, the Perseverance rover will climb a hill on Mars and take measurements along the way. The plan is for the rover to take a closer look at rocks in the area and conduct chemical analyses. The team on Earth then wants to decide whether to collect a soil sample and store it for possible transport to Earth in the future. Once you've finished the Bright Angel area, you'll continue on to a location called Serpentine Rapids. (unpaid bill)

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