Asifa Bano’s Case: Is It A Big Conspiracy Against The Hindus?

The last few weeks have witnessed high decibel media campaign seeking #JusticeForAsifa. No doubt, every rape is a crime which is not pardonable and deserves death sentence in the true sense of the term. But there are some aspects of this specific case which demands special attention. First and foremost, almost in all platforms of social media, the photo of Asifa Bano which is circulated has the same dress which she had even when her dead body was recovered.

The way another video is going rounds that Asifa is laughing and talking:

Clearly indicates that any expert had shot such videos. It is truly uncharacteristic to see a poor nomadic family in the Kashmir Valley can afford to do such.

Secondly, the heinous gang rape and murder of the little girl took place in January but no mainstream media opted to highlight it. Even among political circles, the incident didn’t gain any mileage.

Rape and murder inflame tensions between Hindus and Muslims in India:

Thirdly, the story going around rounds that she was gang-raped and murdered in the deviation is another rumor and no proof has been tarnished as of yet. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the high pitch media campaign is a professionally funded and managed campaign with support from across the border to malign Hindus.

CBI in asifa bano Case

Interestingly, in spite of all requests and pleas and that too from the BJP leaders, PDP Supremo aka Jammu & Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti hasn’t agreed to transfer the case to CBI for no delay in the investigation. Being such a high profile case, it is expected that the state government would normally initiate transferring the case to the experienced CBI officials.

Mehbooba Mufti In Rape Case

Rohingya Muslims in Kashmir:

Another important aspect is definitely the close link of Rohingya Muslims in Kashmir with various incidents of rape and molestation of girls. People living in the Kashmir valley are well aware that the demography is fast changing in the valley with the notorious Rohingya Muslims settling in the valley, creating a huge ruckus.

Rohingya Muslims in Kashmir

The way Rohingya Muslims are given shelters in the valley and not Kashmiri Hindus, who are refugees in their own country, speaks volumes about the current scenario. Is there any link that Asifa Bano’s murder was a specific case of revenge rape or murder by the local Rohingya Muslims? A detailed CBI investigation can definitely expose fault lines in this scenario.

Kashmiri Hindus

The targeted attack on the traditional religious symbols and to make all Hindus bear the burden of guilt of a crime like rape is another aspect which cannot be ignored. The manner in which words like Devi-Sthan and Hindu-sthan have been used in the placard campaign by Bollywood celebrities definitely calls for introspection.

Bollywood celebrities in Rape case socialpost

When was the last time did the so-called Bollywood celebrities use the word Hindusthan for India?

Already some posts are going viral where the professionally designed posters are being circulated on FB maligning all Hindus, making a mockery of all the symbols that are considered sacred by Hindus all over the world.

The same people who keep shouting #TerrorHasNoReligion after every Islamic terror attack are now saying that rape has a religion in India and that religion is Hindu!

Bollywood celebrities in Rape case

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