Modi Ranks Record Third Among World Leaders By GIA Poll

According to research analysis by Gallup International (GIA) and CVoter International collaborative survey, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ranked third among global world leaders. Narendra Modi has been ranked behind German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron and no Indian PM have ranked so high in the GIA Global Polls.

Interestingly, US Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin are way behind in 10th and 6th position respectively. Indian PM Narendra Modi has certainly improved his score of 2015 by leaps and bounds and this definitely highlights his proactive politics and diplomacy on the international front.

Vietnam, Fiji, and Afghanistan are three countries which have shown a keen interest in Modi’s leadership and he is hated most in Pakistan, which comes as no surprise either. Let’s not ignore the fact that countries like US, UK, Italy, and Japan saw improvement in Narendra Modi’s favourability in recent years.

Among the BRICS nations, Brazil and South Africa have been favorable to Modi whereas China’s approach to Modi’s stance has not changed. As far as India’s approach to global leaders in concerned, Donald Trump is the top-rated global leader in India followed by Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

No doubt, the outcome of the GIA Global Poll testifies India’s diplomatic stance more or less and underlines Narendra Modi’s honest efforts in the international arena.

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