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Nationwide power outages in Ukraine

Due to damage to Ukraine’s power grid due to Russian bombing, the government in Kyiv announced a nationwide blackout today.

“This is a mandatory step. Deputy Presidential Office Kirilo Tymoshenko wrote on Telegram, but we are all working together on this front. Between 7 am and 10 pm local time (6 am to 9 pm CEST), citizens should consume as little as possible from electricity.

Emergency Tips

In addition, electricity will be turned off in each area for up to four hours at different times, according to utility company Ukrenerho. People must charge their cell phones, light bulbs, batteries and water until morning. The reason for the limitations is the lack of power in the system. “We don’t rule out asking for your help more often when the cold starts,” the provider added.

President Volodymyr Zelensky discussed with the government on Wednesday how best to deal with the blackout. According to official figures, over the past 10 days, Russian missile and drone attacks have damaged a third of the energy supply facilities.

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