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Russian general predicts Ukrainian attack on Kherson

The new commander-in-chief of Russian forces in Ukraine, General Sergei Surovkin, expects a violent Ukrainian offensive to liberate the occupied city of Kherson. “The situation is difficult in this part of the front,” Sorovikin was quoted by Russian agencies as saying yesterday.

Ukraine bombs residential buildings and city infrastructure. Artillery bombardment made the crossing of Ukraine across the Dnipro River impassable. This complicates the city’s supply.

“We will act with caution and at the appropriate time and will not rule out difficult decisions,” the general said, without elaborating. The head of the Russian occupation administration, Vladimir Saldo, said that some areas on the northeastern bank of the Dnipro River will be evacuated.

Cherson is also located east of Dnipro. In March, it fell into the hands of Russia as the only Ukrainian regional capital. President Vladimir Putin announced the region’s annexation of Russia in October. Several weeks ago, the Ukrainian army was advancing towards Cherson again. Russian soldiers on the Right Bank are largely cut off from their supplies.

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