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Navy’s electrification: Nicola gets first lease in US: Tri-Eagle gets electric truck for sale | News

Tri-Eagle Sales leases ten Nikola Tre BEVs

Provide the necessary infrastructure for Ring Power vehicles

Tri-Eagle Sales has taken the first step towards electrifying the Navy

Tri-Eagle Sales becomes Nicola’s first leased customer

Tri-Eagle Sales has been one of the leading beverage wholesalers in North and North Central Florida since 1966. Spread across two locations, Tallahassee and Ocala, the company employs more than 200 beverage professionals and has more than 2,000 retail customers in 14 districts. Nikola, one of the leading developers and manufacturers of battery-electric heavy-duty vehicles (BEV), fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) and energy infrastructure solutions, now announces collaborations with wholesalers. According to the automaker, Tri-Eagle will be Nicholas’ first customer. Agreement reached on lease model for ten Nikola Tre BEVs.

Ring Power regulates sales, repairs, maintenance and energy infrastructure

The leasing model is handled by Ring Power. The report said the U.S. company, which sells heavy machinery, will arrange sales, upcoming repairs, maintenance and necessary infrastructure for the leased vehicles. “It is expected to be a truly ready-made solution, providing Tri-Eagle zero-emission transportation with world-class dealer support,” said Nicola Energy and Commercial Chairman Pablo Kozner. The first delivery of the vehicles is scheduled for 2022.

Tri-Eagle wants to contribute to environmental protection

“At Tri-Eagle we want to make the work environment as we see fit or better. The partnership with Ring Power and Nicola is a natural next step because it reflects our commitment to innovation and environmental protection. Executive Officer, Trip Trans. David Alban, Chairman of the Ring Power Corporation, is pleased to be cooperating with Nicola and Tri-Eagle. Alban said.

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