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Disappeared in the United States 38 years ago: German mystery solved

The then 27-year-old never returned from Rocky Mountain National Park. Looks like you’ve found your bones now.

The case is now being heard 38 years after the then 27-year-old German went missing in Rocky Mountain National Park (Colorado, USA). The park authority said Thursday that bone fragments found in the mountains are believed to have been donated to the missing person. The bones were discovered last year.

The German, who lives in Fort Collins, embarked on a multi-day ski tour in February 1983. Six days later, a roommate complained that he was missing. Snowfall in the area was a barrier to tourist search at the time. During the search, the team found only an ice cave with his sleeping bag, equipment and arrangements. Avalanche dogs were also used. Further searches failed in the spring and summer of the year.

In August 2020, a mountaineer found human bones at an altitude of more than 3,300 meters. During another search this summer, park rangers found skis, sticks, ski boots and other personal items that, according to park management, belong to Germany. There was evidence of a previous avalanche at that location.

(APA / dpa)

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