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Netflix notice may reveal the plot of Season 2

Netflix notice may reveal the plot of Season 2

Certain colors play a big role in the Squid Game – at least that’s what some fans think.


No series is too busy with Netflix subscribers these days with the name “Squid Game” – it’s not without reason that the show is number one on the streaming service’s internal charts for days. Announcing the second season should be just an official formality profession Not a sequel yet.

The previous episodes certainly provide enough focal points. There are already theories circulating on the net about how things will go. ScenarioFor example, there is a special focus on Seong Gi-Hun’s personality, specifically his hair color.

Do envelopes decide everything in the “Squid Game”?

As the user did a few days ago in “redditIt turns out that the colors can have a lot of meaning in the series. When a mysterious man called Gi-Hun (Lee Jung-jae) at first, he was asked to choose between a red and a blue envelope.

The fans We now think the color decides whether the characters will later complete the same killer games (blue) or rather become moderators (red) and eliminate the losers. The second alternative is of course much less risky…at least for you personally.

The color theory feeds off the envelopes from the fact that guards wear red while candidates compete in greenish-blue tracksuits. How exactly ruthless moderators are assigned to competitions is not definitively explained by the “Squid Game” either. It is one of the biggest mysteries that the series leaves for viewers.

Netflix season 2 may reveal a plot for revenge

At this point, Gi-Hun plays again, who appears as the broken winner from “Squid Game”. After his victory, he dyed his hair red, which at first glance does not make sense. However, if you include the possible meaning of the colors at this point, it can Netflix Give a hint: In Season 2, we may see the character as a moderator rather than a participant.

According to “Screenrant,” it seems entirely plausible that Gi-Hun would find a way to sabotage the games in a new location – and ultimately to exact revenge on the masterminds behind the entire event. He obviously still has credit to settle with Oh Il Nam in particular. Her main role in the event was revealed late in a stunning twist.

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