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New Energica Experia electric touring car

The time has come: the electric boom has also reached the adventure or crossover category and not only looks very mature, but also impresses with range specifications that come close to their gasoline counterparts. With a new lithium-polymer battery and newly developed engine, the new Energica Experia can travel 420 kilometers in urban areas and 246 kilometers in mixed traffic before requiring a charging station. This is another reason why the maximum speed of the Energica Experia is limited to 180 km / h.

If necessary, it should be able to charge its 22.5 kWh battery to 80 percent of its capacity in 40 minutes in a level 3 station. The new engine has 101 hp and 115 Nm of torque, which is weaker than the older Energica engines but has Significantly longer range and lighter weight.

Weight has often been a weak point at Energica, which is why at this point the Italians started and sent the Experia into the race with 260 kilos, the addition of a “full tank” is unnecessary here … heavier than the top class for cross bikes and also scores with a low center of gravity .

The Experia is equipped with everything you would expect in this category. The luggage system with a total volume of 112 liters is no less than part of the spacious windshield, heated handles, USB ports and many drive programs. Braking is done by powerful 330mm Brembo discs, ABS in cornering and adjustable traction control is powered by the latest Bosch 9.3MP model.

Suspension is by Sachs, with a fully adjustable 43mm USD fork and the shock absorber is spring based and rebound-adjustable. The only thing missing is a semi-active structure. Experia can be ordered from June 1, 2022, and deliveries will begin this fall. All information on this – including pricing – can be found at

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