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Netherlands reopens doors despite massive occurrence – doctors warn of ‘black code’

Nationwide lockdown ends: The Netherlands is open despite a tremendous occurrence: “I understand the Germans are jealous”

The Netherlands is reopening: outdoor areas in restaurants and shops have been allowed to reopen since Wednesday. And that despite a staggering 7-day hike. The government relies on vaccines, but doctors caution against screening in clinics.

The occurrence of 314.5 for a period of seven days in addition to urgent warnings from doctors does not prevent the Netherlands from introducing some relief again in daily life and lifting Corona restrictions. After a good four months of strict lockdown to contain Corona Pandimi The Netherlands is taking a big step back toward normality. The night curfew will end on Wednesday, and stores and restaurants may once again receive customers on their balconies under certain conditions.

“It feels great to be back,” says 25-year-old Jonathan Dean Howeid at a café in The Hague. “The Dutch have the right to be outside on the stands, to go out with friends after work, to drink and eat.”

While the incidence rate for seven days was 160.6 in Germany on Wednesday, according to the Robert Koch Institute, this value is almost twice as high in the Netherlands. Last week, doctors and scientists warned that hospitals were severely overburdened and an emergency situation imminent.

Triage: Doctors warn of “Schwartz Code” in the Netherlands

The president of the Society of Intensive Care Physicians, Diederik Gummers, warned on Friday that if the number of infections does not drop quickly, “Schwartz Code” is threatening next week. In the case of “Code Schwarz,” the hospital triage committee has to identify which patients still need to be assisted. Gummers said many hospitals in the country are so overcrowded with Covid patients that their performance limits have been reached. According to hospitals, many operations, including cancer and heart interventions, have already been canceled.

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“I understand that the Germans are jealous.”

On the other hand, in Venlo, Netherlands, people are happy that restaurants, bars and shops are reopening their doors. “I understand the Germans are jealous,” said hotel owner Eric Schriors of Venlo Newspaper “Bild”. Schreurs runs the restaurant “In den dorstigen Haen” in the city of 100,000 residents. Many German tourists today come to the city, which lies directly on the border with Germany. “You can no longer lock people up. People want out,” says Shriors. Even now that the Netherlands has opened its doors despite the massive outreach, some Germans are already being tempted to return to the Netherlands. And that’s even though Venlo has recently been a wreath hotspot.

30 Percent Vaccination – The Netherlands celebrates King’s Day

However, Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s government is counting on the risk of it going well. The calculation: The government expects the number of Coronavirus cases to drop rapidly due to vaccinations. Reportedly, about five million citizens have received at least one dose of the vaccine. This accounts for nearly 30 percent of the adult population, and thus slightly more than Germany. Prime Minister Rutte recently spoke of an “acceptable risk”.

Still Tuesday it was wonderful Weather in The so-called King’s Day in the Netherlands. Many Dutch wore orange at the feast in honor of the king, and people gathered in the streets, parks, and celebrated.

The centers of several cities were crowded in the evening. The parks had to be closed. I called the authorities Via Twitter Urgently to leave the cities. In Amsterdam, Vondelpark became the center of units the police Wipe because the rules of the corona are no longer adhered to.

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The end of the lockdown relates to the border regions in North Rhine-Westphalia

Evolution in Holland It also raises concerns in neighboring German regions near the border. Because in light of the end of the lockdown in the Netherlands, there is a growing concern in the border regions about possible infections being brought in from the Netherlands.

Heinsburg County asked citizens, not necessary for travel And refrain from daily trips. Of course, you cannot rule out that Germans drive to the Netherlands in fine weather and may catch the infection, a spokeswoman said on Tuesday. And she indicated that some time ago, the border regions of North Rhine-Westphalia requested more vaccine to prevent these scenarios. There were no reactions. Borken District Director Kay Zwecker (CDUResidents also pleaded not to go to the Netherlands to shop or go to the coffee shop.

The Netherlands was classified as a high-infection region by Germany for three weeks due to high Corona numbers. Expats from the neighboring country – regardless of their nationality – must show a negative Corona test.

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