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New chapter lawsuit against Twitter |

New chapter lawsuit against Twitter |

The company is being sued for at least half a billion dollars.

In an ongoing spat with former employees over their layoffs, Twitter faced a new lawsuit worth at least half a billion dollars on Wednesday. Former SMS director Courtney McMillian, who oversaw the compensation programs, filed the lawsuit in federal court in San Francisco. Accordingly, in the 2019 termination plan created by Twitter, most of the fired employees were promised two months’ base salary plus one week’s salary for each full year of service. Executives like McMillian have been promised six months of base salary. However, Twitter paid the laid-off employees a maximum monthly bonus, and many of them received nothing.

McMillian filed for class action status. Twitter no longer has a PR department, and the company responded to a request for comment with a pile of poo emoji, as usual. Since Tesla CEO Elon Musk took over Twitter in October, the company has laid off more than half of its employees. In connection with this, there are many lawsuits pending, for example because of the arbitration process.

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