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Positive mood for Vorarlberg as a startup location

Positive mood for Vorarlberg as a startup location

The financing position at Vorarlberg is rated unchanged at 3.19 this year. However, 50% say they are not currently looking for external financing, while about 27% say they have not yet looked but will look within the next three to six months.

About 23% of them are actively looking for financing partners. In the first three years, 90.5 percent of funding came primarily from private funds. 33.3 percent was financed through grants and another 19 percent through bank loans.

In order to make the financing situation for startups in Vorarlberg more attractive, Michael Bertel mentions the following factors: “We still have a very weak growth and risk mentality in Vorarlberg, so communication within our ecosystem for small startups is very important.”

Despite the low-risk capital and weak investment culture, the motivation to found startups in Vorarlberg remains high: 52.8% of those surveyed want to “move and change something”, 16.7% want to realize themselves and 11.1% want to implement a great idea.

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